”...built on the foundation of apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus Himself as the chief cornerstone.” Ephesians 2:20

churchesVanguard Member Churches

Vanguard Member Churches are churches who have elected to connect with like-minded churches and leaders in Vanguard Ministries. Each Partner will enjoy a strategic relationship with an apostolic overseer. These churches or organizations truly enter into a “partnership” relationship with Vanguard Ministries, agreeing to walk together through adversity and abundance. Pastors and spouses will be offered regular care and nurture from their apostolic leader. Mentoring is provided to the pastor and expert consulting is available to benefit the local church.

VM is an apostolic company of leaders and churches committed to innovative equipping, strategic partnerships and life-giving relationships to impact their world.

We must return to New Testament style Christianity and church practice. God is looking for churches who will adopt fresh wineskins to hold the new wine He is pouring out. Churches that realize they are not in the place or shape that Scripture describes are looking for answers and guidance. We need a 21st-century church that’s based on all the biblical principles! Too many church leaders are looking for successful models of church that they can mimic or copy thinking that this will also mean success for their own church. Rarely does this type of adoption work out well. While we can learn principles from others, we must discover God’s uniqueness for our own church and build according to the Great Architect’s blueprint.

God is bringing churches back to a missional focus. VM want to plant and build churches that are missional by design and practice. Member churches receive apostolic oversight, strategic resources, and a family of like-minded leaders. We recognize that pastors (and their spouses) need care and correction –many do not know where to go in to receive spiritual overight. Issues arise in churches where wisdom and counsel from seasoned ministers is required – VM provides a safe and strategic wellspring of wisdom, encouragement, and accountability for churches and their pastors.