Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17 (NASB)

VM is an apostolic company of leaders and churches committed to innovative equipping, strategic partnerships and life-giving relationships to impact their world.

Spiritual leaders are frequently expected to live perfect lives by our followers. But, we are not perfect – just appointed and anointed by a perfect God! Learning to walk in the fullness of our calling cannot be achieved in a vacuum – we need each other to provide encouragement, support, and accountability. Many leaders are functioning independently and too often find themselves in a crisis without a healthy network of leaders to lean on. Paul admonishes us to embrace three levels of life-giving relationships. You need a Paul. You need a Barnabus. And you need Timothy…..

These are the three kinds of mentoring relationships that a man desperately needs to pursue:

  • A) a Paul, an older man (spiritual father) who can build into his life
  • B) a Barnabus, a covenant brother or friend (horizontal) to whom he can be accountable
  • C) a Timothy, a younger man into whose life he is building. Do you have these essential relationships?



VM provides a place ministry leaders can connect and learn together.Iron sharpening iron has been the biblical cornerstone of this ministry since its inception. Have you been looking for this kind of network? 

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