Vanguard Ministries includes a membership-based network of like-minded pastors, ministry leaders and churches committed to building and strengthening healthy, life-giving local churches and ministry organizations.

“Your troops will be willing in the day of battle.” Psalm 110:3

Members of a church

You may connect with Vanguard Ministries covenantally as a ministry leader or as a church. All potential church planters begin the process by joining as a leader.


Spiritual leaders are frequently expected to live perfect lives by our followers. But, we are not perfect – just appointed and anointed by a perfect God! Learning to walk in the fullness of our calling cannot be achieved in a vacuum – we need other to provide encouragement, support, and accountability. Many leaders are functioning independently and too often find themselves in a crisis without a healthy network of leaders to lean on. Paul admonishes us to embrace three levels of life-giving relationships: Everyone should have three individuals in his life. You need a Paul. You need a Barnabus. And you need Timothy…..These are the three kinds of mentoring relationships that a leader desperately needs to pursue: a Paul, a seasoned person (spiritual father) who can build into his life; a Barnabus, a covenant brother or friend (horizontal) to whom he can be accountable; and a Timothy, a younger man or woman intowhose life he is building. Do you have these essential relationships? (These relationships work best with the same gender – men to men and women to women.)

VM provides a place ministry leaders can connect and learn together. Iron sharpening iron has been the biblical cornerstone of this ministry since its inception. Have you been looking for this kind of network?


We must return to New Testament style Christianity and church practice. God is looking for churches who will adopt fresh wineskins to hold the new wine He is pouring out. Churches that realize they are not in the place or shape that Scripture describes are looking for answers and guidance. We need a21st-century church that’s based on all the biblical principles! Too many church leaders are looking for successful models ofchurch that they can mimic or copy thinking that this will also mean success for their own church. Rarely does this type of adoption work out well. While we can learn principles from others, we must discover God’s uniqueness for our own church and build according to the Great Architect’s blueprint. God is bringing churches back to a missional focus.

VM wants to plant and build churches that are missional by design and practice. Member churches receive apostolic oversight, strategic resources, and a family of like-minded leaders. We recognize that pastors (and their spouses) need care and correction –many do not know where to go in to receive spiritual oversight. Issues arise in churches where wisdom and counsel from seasoned ministers is required – VM provides a safe and strategic wellspring of wisdom, encouragement, and accountability for churches and their pastors.

Application Process

The initial step of completing the online application should be a prayerful one. We firmly believe that God sets members in the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:27-28). After you have reviewed our DNA and prayerfully considered affiliation… Read More

How Membership Works

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Leadership Coaching

Coaching in its many forms has become integral to business, education, private and public sector leaders over the past 20 years. However, ministry leaders and churches have not been as accepting of these practices. We believe the concepts and principles behind a biblical-based coaching model… Read More